With the passenger vehicle business gaining positive momentum and on the verge of making money, Tata Motors is confident of increasing its marketing expenses.

Mumbai: Jaguar Land Rover, the crown jewel at Tata Motors, would skip this week’s Geneva Motor Show, but visitors to continental Europe’s premier automotive event will have the opportunity to learn about the biggest home-market product range at the Indian parent company.

With a maturing R&D setup and growing domestic business, the company will be showcasing the new face of Tata Motors that includes four global premiers and one European premier at the motor show. This will be the biggest production-ready lineup Tata Motors will be showcasing in the 21 years it has been participating in the Switzerland event.

The floor space in 2019 is almost 30% higher at 503 sq metre when compared to 382 sq metre it had last year. It is not the biggest, but among the biggest seen in recent years.

“TML is on a new journey, building differentiated products based on two architectures, leveraging commonality for economies of scale,” said Guenter Butschek, MD, Tata Motors. “All this is part of the turnaround.”

Tata Motors will be showcasing the production version of H7X, the bigger sibling of Harrier, its new premium hatchback Altroz, the Altroz with an electric powertrain that has a range of 200-250 kms in one charge, and a small SUV concept internally codenamed Hornbill, said people aware of the plans.

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