Uber India is set to become yet another marketplace for media buying and selling.

Bengaluru: Uber India aims to start its own advertising and branding wing, so that it can better monetise users and show them ads. Uber’s move parallels that of e-tailers Amazon and Flipkart, which have started monetising their web traffic through digital advertising.

To start its own advertising line, Uber India’s board met on January 29 in Noida and passed a resolution to the same effect. Uber India said in filings, sourced by Paper.vc, that it intends to have an omni-channel approach and advertise through electronic display boards in cabs, the internet, television and other means.

“Currently advertising opportunities are being offered only on cars,’’ said an Uber spokesperson. “Uber India is set to become yet another marketplace for media buying and selling as the ride-hailing company opens itself and its collaterals up to advertising. The Uber app and other digital properties owned by Uber could be monetised for marketing activities, since the brand has a significant digital footprint,” said Paper.vc analyst Nikhil Kanekal.

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