Top 10 ads on YouTube in India that resonated most with audiences.

A man comes home to a peeved wife and a child with a knack for adding fuel to fire. The missus is miffed because somebody forgot their wedding anniversary. But there’s a fourth character in this drama – a smart TV that plays the soundtrack and videos for this living-room drama.

Google India

Actor Anushka Sharma and her husband, cricketer Virat Kohli are back in another spot for the brand, this time for the group chat feature. Sharma surprises her homesick husband by firing up the app and launching into some live Punjabi music and dance courtesy Sukhbir. Crank up the volume, mate.

OPPO India

A billion beats turned into a billion broken hearts at the end of India’s run at the recently concluded Cricket World Cup. In the uncertain world of sports, it’s best to proceed with caution and humility when creating campaigns and especially anthems. “Jeet pe apna haq hai, koi shak hai?” went this one.

Meri Maggi

How do you tell your significant other that they can’t sing for pennies? Say it with instant noodles. This lovely little spot featuring actors Sanya Malhotra and Rajkummar Rao has all the makings of a two-minute hit. It happens to be a shorter video though.

OnePlus India

A wrap of the week after the launch of one of the smartest smartphones. The spot takes us around the world and throws up numbers like +7000 launch attendees across four countries, over one million searches, +20 million live streams across the globe. And if that wasn’t enough towards the end of the video we get glimpses of brand endorser Robert Downey Jr from the official spot.

Vivo India

Two men in a pool browsing pictures on a phone and discussing its camera’s specs has all the makings of an ad for a waterproof phone. Alas, it’s just about the 32 MP camera and the phone’s price.


The season of celebrity power couples bringing their real-life love to the reel world continues. But at the moment, it seems, the wives do all the work. Like Anushka Sharma went out of her way to make her homesick husband feel better, now it’s Deepika Padukone’s turn. This time the missus has to provide cricket commentary for her superstitious husband who can’t bear to watch the match playing on a large telly that she bought to watch the games.

Honor India

A young woman embarrassed about her freckles refuses to have her picture taken with her friend. The latter then uses the pictures she took of her freckle-faced friend to show her just how beautiful they are. Or, as the song playing in the background goes, “like tiny fireflies, lost in the dark.” There’s more. “The dots on your face, have you ever traced, what they have become?” Just don’t take these lyrics literally, please. Naturally, the young woman would have never found confidence if it weren’t for her friend’s efforts and the phone camera.


People in different situations – at dinner with friends, at a spa, in a pool – forget their surroundings and people around them to start “wish-listing” as they get ready for a maha sale.

Samsung India

‘First Reactions’ from four celebrities/influencers when they unbox a phone – “OMG… oh so fancy… oh so sexy… oh so wow.” First reaction from the user in the video’s comments section – “Oscar should be given to all the paid actors for their overacting (insert a bunch of laughing emojis).

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