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Presently majority of the content is consumed online,Music channels have to put in a lot more effort by providing consumers with well curated content.

In a day, that is, in 24 hours viewers spent 14.8% – about three and a half hours of the time watching music channels on television, according to the data released by Nielsen in the Ficci-EY 2019 report. Compared to this, users spent 21.6% that is about five hours streaming music videos across various devices. […]

Most future brands hop on to Amazon Move seen as a precursor to stake sale deal between the two companies

Future Group has started listing nearly all its brands and products across fashion, grocery and electronics on Amazon, a move seen as a precursor to the impending stake sale deal by the Indian retailer. Over the past month, teams from both companies have met several times to make joint business plans in terms of distribution, warehousing and […]

We look a lot less into incremental revenue of an individual campaign, instead focus on creating impactful campaigns-Ross Jauncey, Create With Google

Search engine giant has brought its new offering ‘Create with Google’ to India. “The division works with advertising agencies, helping them to create better creative solutions for our various products including YouTube,” Ross Jauncey, head, Create With Google, told ETBE, on the sidelines of AdFest in Goa. Jauncey further clarifies that Google’s new product doesn’t […]

Key to customer attention – communicate meaningful messages in timely manner.

In the recent years, market has become crowded with brands, customers’ attention span has gone down, there has been explosion in marketing channels and the number of touchpoints in path-to-purchase has increased. In such a noisy environment, it has become extremely important for brands to establish human connect with their stakeholders such as customers, employees […]