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Industry’s changing directions, transformation of an ad ecosystem to a marketing ecosystem

In, on and around the Palais des Festivals in Cannes this year, expensive space has been occupied by companies like AccentureInteractive, IBM, Deloitte, Nielsen and Verizon Media (owners of brands like yahoo and AOL). It was clear who won the battle of the billboards, as creative agency chiefs found shade under these giant hoardings. Deloitte sort of […]

Startups are focusing on employee friendly culture at work.

Startup founders, who face long hours, huge workloads and a relentless pursuit of revenue and profitability, have another Key Responsibility Area of sorts — coming up with policies that keep young employees engaged and on their toes. Young CEOs at startups are getting as involved as their HR teams in rolling out initiatives as diverse […]

Young leaders acknowledge social media to build personal brands.

Young leaders have found a powerful partner in social media — from finding business partners via a tweet to mentoring and managing work on Whatsapp — and are fast becoming influencers themselves. Social media brings out a humane, authentic side to business, these young leaders say. “Social platforms provide a great opportunity for leaders to not just […]

Great companies don’t sell. They brand.

When was the last time you received an advertisement to buy an apple product? Apple is more than iPhone & Mac. Nescafe is more than coffee. Nike is more than its shoes. Coca-Cola is more than just a soda. It’s all about creating experiences and feelings for them. Now, that’s branding. In your marketing efforts to convert or create an experience, the […]

Amazon is now planning to offer “surveillance as a service”.

Taking its ambition of executing drone-based deliveries a notch higher, Amazon is now planning to offer “surveillance as a service” coupled with its futuristic unmanned aerial product delivery idea. Overcoming another hurdle before achieving its target, the e-commerce giant recently won a patent to construct a drone that woud be capable of performing surveillance and […]

Brands evolving from storytelling to storyliving.

In an arena where brands and marketers have forever emphasized on the importance of storytelling, ‘storyliving’ is touted to be the next most important phase in the life of a brand. Under ‘storyliving’ consumers experience brand narrative, Younghee Lee, global chief marketing officer, Samsung and Susan Buckner Rose, product marketing director, Instagram, said. The duo spoke on the topic, […]

The dos and don’ts of marketing on twitter.

Even as brands may take to social media platforms such as Twitter to talk to consumers, there are dos and don’ts that need to be followed to create an impact of campaign, otherwise it is just a futile effort. “There are six pillars around which brands need to weave their story, to be able to […]

Brands going vernacular for Bharat users.

A growing number of startups are adopting a new motto that’s rooted in the vernacular — ‘Going local’. Incorporating regional languages into their apps and platforms is helping them drive adoption and expand their customer base. Unicorns such as Byju’s, Policybazaar, InMobi, Zomato, and Oyo now support anywhere between two and 12 regional languages Providing […]

Digital addiction is as bad as addiction to any other drug.

Digital addiction is real and it could be as dangerous as drug addiction, warned psychiatrists while outlining practical ways to fight the urge to use gadgets non-stop both among children and adults. The warning came following reports of a 24-year-old mother committing suicide last week in Tamil Nadu after she was prevented from using TikTok and a […]

Mobile internet and smartphones have revolutionised the delivery of news and destroyed the business models of many news organisations.

News organisations are being challenged by technology giants and unsettled by a broader lack of trust but they have a much deeper problem: most people don’t want to pay for online news, the Reuters Institute found. Swiftly accelerating mobile internet and smartphones have revolutionised the delivery of news and destroyed the business models of many news […]