Online publishers are collaborating with affiliate platforms.

To say that online is rapidly establishing itself as the preferred medium of content delivery and consumption in India would be an understatement. As per a recent FICCI-EY report, the market for digital media grew by more than 40% between 2017 and 2018, to reach Rs 16,900 crore, and is projected to continue growing at a CAGR of 28% to become a business opportunity worth Rs 35,400 crore by 2021. It isn’t surprising that this growth has coincided with the rise of new-age publishers in India.

Traffic channels such as vloggers, influencers, online forums/communities, and chat-based messengers have made a niche of their own within the digital realm with relevant and engaging content. These publishers receive impressive traction from online users and often command a strong and loyal audience base, making them the perfect engagement channel for brands.

Good for business
However, online publishers often lack the required knowledge and familiarity to leverage online tools to monetise content, which means they are unable to optimally translate their channel traffic into lucrative business opportunities. Hence, more and more online bloggers, influencers and YouTubers in India are now signing up with top affiliate marketing platforms and leveraging the wide array of innovative, tech-led tools that they offer. For example, cutting-edge link converters can help publishers convert direct links on their websites into affiliate links by automatically identifying the most profitable merchant offers on a global level.

Signing up with leading affiliate networks can also help bloggers and YouTubers gain access to several hundred brands and campaigns on a single platform. This not only improves the quality and depth of offers available to them, but also gives them greater control and flexibility in terms of the campaigns that they want to work with.

Some affiliate networks also offer state-of-the-art browser extension tools that showcase various affiliate campaigns whenever a publisher visits a brand website. This curated access to relevant information helps publishers seamlessly sign up as affiliates for brand campaigns without having to go through a long and complicated registration process. With campaign management simplified, publishers can focus on the most critical aspect of their business — generating quality content. This is further amplified by in-depth, data-driven insights that help publishers identify what kind of content (text/tags/phrases) can help them drive maximum engagement.

Money talks
The impact that affiliate associations can have on publisher operations is most prominently showcased in the success of YouTubers Stanley Sarpong and Susana Yabar. Having started off by creating videos on an iPhone, Stanley and Susana are today co-owners of channels in four different languages with a cumulative subscriber base of 1.95 million users.

In the recently concluded festive sale campaign in India, online brands saw GMV to the tune of Rs 8.4 crore driven through affiliate marketing channels, including newer traffic sources such as vloggers, influencers, and chat-based messengers. Publishers also saw their business boom during this period and took home commissions in excess of $20,000. These numbers underline just how important a growth driver affiliate marketing is for businesses in the online domain — whether for brands or publishers.

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