Mobile is taking ads closer to consumers.

Mobiles have become a driver of the digital advertising helping marketers reach their intended audience on mobile. Digital advertising today is more sophisticated, personalised, and relevant. Consumers spend more time online than ever before, making digital an advertising platform with reach across various devices, and consumers.

Companies are not just limited to traditional targetting by demographics but now can also target audiences most likely to purchase based on the lifestyle, behaviours, purchase intent, personality, and likes or dislikes.

OneOneDay, a Hong Kong-based ad-tech startup, recently launched the Oodies app in India. According to the company, this app allows users to earn cash rewards and donate part of it to social causes by watching advertisements of their choice.

Rick Tsing, founder and CEO of OneOneDay, talks to about its advertising platform app, Oodies, and how advertisers and consumers benefit from the platform and how the company is channelising itself in India.

Tsing said that with limited resources at this stage, the company has channelled marketing budget into increasing growth on digital marketing channels such as social media and Google AdWords and its referral programme. The latter rewards every referral user and has brought some of its most supportive users, he adds.

Explaining the business model in terms of user engagement, Tsing said, “Instead of advertisers invading consumers’ time and attention, why not bring advertisers and consumers together?”

On Oodies, every time a user chooses to engage with an ad, he/she earns cash or goodies to reward his/her attention, and supporting a specific social cause. According to the company, Oodies works hard on a fair trade model that turns viewers’ attention into a currency of value. Users can choose the ads they want to watch, and get rewarded in cash for their time and attention.

The company said that the app provides an effective anti-advertising waste solution for advertisers. It matches the target audience precisely, which is powered by blockchain and psychometrics.

Tsing added that social media has become an inseparable part of mobile advertising and it is a vital channel for branding building and communication.

“We’ve also seen a lot of reviews and sharing on YouTube, where vloggers are sharing the Oodies app and inviting their viewers to join us! We will continue to work with more influencers and drive the growth of impactful ad community,” he added.

With over 150,000 registered users and them together clocking up more than 800,000 ad engagements, the company said. Advertisers that are already on the platform include HUL’s Fair & Lovely, Career Foundation and Bisleri.

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