McDonald’s EatQual Campaign


The brand launched a brand film that showcases how EatQual makes the experience of enjoying McDonald’s burgers easy and delightful for its guests that have limited upper hand mobility.

McDonald’s India West and South, which announced the launch of EatQual – a special pack for customers with limited hand mobility, on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, unveiled this innovative packaging. With this, the brand has become the first food player in India to have undertaken such an initiative.

EatQual stems from the thought that the standard packaging typically requires customers to use both their hands to truly enjoy the delicious McDonald’s burgers which makes it difficult for those with limited upper-limb movement to enjoy their favorite McDonald’s burger. EatQual addresses this challenge and ensures that everyone can bite into delicious burgers just as easily. McDonald’s India launched the packaging by hosting individuals with limited upper hand mobility in their restaurants across Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai who enjoyed their favorite burgers in the new EatQual packaging.

This event in Chennai was supported by an organization named The Good Quest Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization founded with an objective to work for a tangible impact in the lives of the less privileged, downtrodden, and marginalized in the Community.
Commenting on the launch of EatQual by McDonald’s India West and South, Vinod Kumar, Managing Trustee of The Good Quest Foundation said “It is welcoming to see a successful global food joint like McDonald’s coming up with EatQual packaging, a big step taken to embrace people with limited upper limb mobility to their customer class. Now even a person with limited upper limb mobility can visit McDonald’s to relish his food and drink without hassles. We at The Good Quest Foundation have always worked for an inclusive community, thank you for the partnership, McDonald’s. We are sure EatQual packaging will set a benchmark for the others to follow

The event in Mumbai was attended by noted personalities including Dr. Vaishali Kolhe, Associate Professor, Project Director, I Access Rights Mission, Centre For Disability Studies and Action, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and Mr. Surendra Kasare, a Para Wheelchair Cricketer, who hailed this initiative.

McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India are owned and operated by Westlife Development Ltd under its wholly-owned subsidiaryHardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd.

EatQual packaging is currently available at all McDonald’s restaurants across West and South India for dine-in. This initiative was taken to welcome all the people to enjoy their favorite meal.

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