Lalita Nayak

Lalita Nayak is a marketing professional with 18 years of experience building scalable media teams from grounds up. A marketer for a large part of my career and have worked extensively in leadership roles in business planning and development, brand management, strategic alliances with a track record of building strong teams and developing talent. From starting off as a team member to becoming a SBU head, the journey has been eventful and enabled through a hands-on approach coupled with an extensive network across the industry and excellent relationships with Business Leaders and senior shareholders in the business community and Government.

She has enjoyed her journey making a difference in the organizations that she worked at be it a powerful federation like the CII to a dominant media house – The Times group or a financial powerhouse J.P. Morgan to the immensely respected CNBC TV18 and now Network 18. Thriving in a creative and challenging environment, where controlled thinking is not as much the norm as a ground-breaking thought process. She is a very proud Content Avenger.

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