Dr Anvitha Prabhakara

Dr. Anvitha Prabhakara is an Individual who has believed IN GOING BEYOND STEREOTYPES and THIS has defined & shaped her life journey.

Dr. Anvitha Prabhakara is a Triple qualified Professional with PhD, MBA and B.E. degrees to her credentials. She is a Software Engineer by education, Marketeer by profession and a Doctorate in Alternate Medicine by passion, from UK.

She has 15+ years Cross Industry experience working with Fortune 100 companies like Castrol British Petroleum, Aditya Birla, Zee Networks, Idea Cellular, as also has been the Chief Marketing Head for Seema Rao Productions which won the Dada Saheb Phalke Certification for their Movie on Women Empowerment. She was Asst. Vice President, Marketing at Aditya Birla and is currently the VP – Strategy & Business at Mobilox Innovations.

Dr. Anvitha is known as The Turn Arounder in the industry for the many Industry-first Innovations and Business turnarounds she has achieved. She, along with her Teams, has been the recipient of multiple Global and National Business Awards, with some of the prominent ones being 1) PMAA -Promotions Marketing Awards of Asia, 2) AMEA Asia Pacific Awards, 3) BP Helios & Beacon Awards, 4) India NABARD Innovator Awards, 5) AME International Award, 6) WOW Industry Awards and 7) IME – International Awards for Marketing Excellence.

Dr. Anvitha is an Internationally Certified 3rd degree Black belt in Combat Arts with original lineage to Bruce Lee and Dr. Seema Rao – India’s First Woman Commando Trainer. Dr. Anvitha is trained in Zen Taoism and certified in Jeet Kune Do – the Art & Philosophy of Bruce Lee. Continuing since the last 12+ years, Dr. Anvitha is highly trained in Leadership and Crisis Management – which help her effectively translate the same into the Business. She also enjoys being the Lead vocalist of her Music bands across her institutes & previous organisations.


She is invited all over to lecture on efficient tools for Marketing & Strategy to improve business efficiency and today, we are happy to have her here at our Mentor at BRATS 2019.

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