Amrita Asrani

• Amrita is a Global FMCG Health, Wellness & Sustainability Specialist with over 15 years of passionate experience in creating new-age value for large Consumer Companies through metamorphosis from FMCG into FMHG- Fast Moving Health Goods Organizations

• She has been identified as ‘Young Leadership Talent’ & has received Global, Regional & Local Recognition for infusing ‘Health, Wellness & Sustainability’ across Foods, Personal Care & Nutrition categories

• She has designed the ‘Foods Healthification’ Strategic Roadmap across multiple F&B categories including Staples, Noodles, Pasta, Biscuits, Juices, Dairy, Confectionery, Snacks, Breakfast Cereals & Milk Food Drinks

• She is a forerunner in ‘Integrating Start-up Ecosystems within the Brand Building Model’ to create New FMCG Categories through Local & Global Collaborations with FoodTech & HealthTech companies offering Unique Product Delivery Formats, Precision Agriculture for Natural/ Herbal/ Ayurvedic Ingredients & Food Processing Innovations that will make F&B Healthy, Tasty, Fun, On-The-Go & Sustainable

• She has been recognized by World Marketing Congress in India’s 2016 List of ‘100 Most Influential Marketing Leaders’

• She has lead the Strategic Innovation & New Product Development Team in India & the Middle East markets for consumerization of ‘Wellness & Nutrition’ categories for Iconic Global Consumer Brands & was chosen across 57 countries to be a part of ‘Global Innovation & Strategy Group’

• Being Mumbai University’s 1st Gold Medalist in Mass Media- Advertising & a 1st Class MBA in Marketing, Amrita has evolved herself to become a Global Health & Wellness Influencer with an ever expanding circle of influence across Public Health & Nutrition Experts, Medical Researchers, Policy Makers, Agri-Biodiversity Specialists, Entrepreneurs, Food & Health Tech Innovators & Sustainability Experts

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