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India is getting ready for future challenge.

The government has set up over 70 schemes for skill development, including Digital India, Start-up India, Skill India, and many more. These schemes are aimed at removing uncertainity and empowering India’s workforce with the skillsets needed to support economic growth. The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) was set up in 2008 to promote skilling/upskilling of […]

How some marketers are making co-branding work to create new opportunities?

In a recent commercial, Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds is seen promoting his new Netflix movie, Aviation Gin and Samsung TV in an ad within an ad within an ad. A few seconds into playing the trailer for his movie on the large TV mounted on a wall behind him an ad for the gin brand rolls. “How’d […]

How influencers and brands will collaborate after Instagram removes ‘like’

It has been just over two week since Facebook-owned Instagram removed the“like” feature on the popular photo and video sharing platform, and influencers and advertisers in India are trying to find new ways to collaborate with brands. Marketing experts said it would bring in more transparency to the influencer ecosystem and enhance content on the platform. However, some have also argued […]

Facebook will run all political ads.

After Google announced restrictions on political advertising this week, campaign strategists in Washington quickly turned their attention to a different company: Facebook. Some strategists voiced concerns to Facebook about how Google’s decision would affect it, said two people who talked to the company. They told Facebook that if it followed Google by limiting how political campaigns target audiences, it would […]

ShakeDeal is a B2B e-commerce market place for industrial supplies.

ShakeDeal has announced the expansion of its business operations by launching its own design and packaging vertical. This development is in line with their vision to be a one stop shop solution provider for all indirect business requirements and supplies. ShakeDeal is a B2B e-commerce market place for industrial supplies, office supplies and corporate gifting. With the launch […]

Key trends that will drive the future.

By Prasenjit Roy It’s one of the most interesting, as well as challenging, times to be working in the marketing domain. Catching attention and connecting with today’s digitally savvy consumers to drive the message home is no mean feat. Challenges are manifold– today’s consumers have several touchpoints to make shopping decisions, attention spans are dwindling, and competition […]

How social media sites handle political ads?

Online platforms including Facebook and Alphabet Inc’s Google face growing pressure to stop carrying political ads that contain false or misleading claims ahead of the U.S. presidential election. In the United States, the Communications Act prevents broadcast stations from rejecting or censoring ads from candidates for federal office once they have accepted advertising for that political race, although this does not […]

‘InterMiles’ new brand identity for Jet Privilege Pvt Ltd

Loyalty and rewards management company Jet Privilege Pvt Ltd (JPPL) on Thursday unveiled a new brand identity ‘InterMiles’ as part of its growth strategy. Carved out as a separate entity from the now-grounded Jet Airways more than five years ago, JPPL has close to 10 million members. “InterMiles will encompass both the award-winning loyalty and rewards programme (previously, JetPrivilege) and […]

WT:Social, a new competitor for Facebook and Twitter

Intended to get right what Facebook and Twitter have so far been getting wrong, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is launching a social-media website named “WT: Social” which will compete with both the social media platforms. Instead of going for an ad-funded model, Wales aims to finance it through donations, just like Wikipedia. Like those platforms, WT:Social will let users share articles. But WT:Social will be […]

Challenges new-media content creators face today.

Keeping fans engaged and dealing with trolls are not the only challenges that bother new-age Instagrammers or YouTubers. Maintaining a balance between their original content and that promoted by the brands they collaborate with, is on top of the mind of some of India’s successful social media creators. For YouTube and Instagram sensation Sejal Kumar, shedding inhibitions is the key […]