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Google Photos has added a new feature called ‘Memories’.

Google Photos has added a new feature called ‘Memories’ to help users rediscover old images straight from the app. “We are using Machine Learning to curate what appears in Memories, so you don’t have to parse through many duplicate shots, and you can instead reflect on the best ones, where the photos have good quality and all the […]

40% Indians agree that they could get fired for controversial content on their social media channels.

While many people use social media profiles for professional use, over 40 per cent Indians agree that they could get fired from their jobs for controversial content on their social media channels, new research has found. Worryingly, despite being a hotbed for personal information and photos, more than half of users in India have at least one […]

Does creatives have no value in advertising?

The average digital agency in India is charging Rs 1-2 lakh retainer and I always wondered how they sustain that. I mean, a seriously well-loaded phone costs almost Rs 1 lakh these days! At that rate, how can agencies afford a creative team, digital planner, media buyer, office rent, internet, a business head and late night taxi […]

Brands need to be persistent and adopt a test-and-learn approach.

It has been more than two years since Instagram first rolled out Story Ads, and next month will be the one year anniversary of Facebook launching its own version of Story Ads . The ad format has been a big win for the company and advertisers. In April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said more than three million advertisers were running Story […]

Firms are now finding purpose beyond profit.

“Business with a Purpose” is a longstanding catchline. But last month, it got an endorsement from an unexpected quarter. Business Roundtable — the largest network of American CEOs — surprised the world last month with a declaration that reversed its longheld position on the enterprise principle of ‘shareholder primacy’. The who’s who of corporate America came together to redefine […]

Hiring intentions have strengthened in public sector for Oct-Dec.

Good news at last? More companies have hiring plans for the next quarter, says the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey of 5,131 employers. “The Skill India campaign initiated a few years back is yielding results now. Additionally, initiatives like Make in India and Start-up India are backing a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation across states and contributing to the […]

Suresh Kumar Kurapaty: Anything and everything you create with education are quite sensitive and specific.

BRATS is an UMBRELLA AEGIS initiative also is a personalized community for top-notch professionals of the Advertising & Marketing Industry this stands for Brand, Research, Advertising, Technology, and Strategies, supported by IAA (International Advertising Association). Through BRATS we intend to bring industry and institutes together furthermore we have received an overwhelming and encouraging response from […]

EC reminds social media to voluntary follow code of ethics during state polls.

The Election Commission of India has asked social media companies including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, ShareChat and ByteDance to follow the voluntary code of ethics they adopted during the Lok Sabha elections for all upcoming state polls. The EC sent a letter through the Internet and Mobile Association of India, which acts as a go-between for the Election Commission and social media […]