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Email personalization is a trick to engage with your audience.

With the proliferation of consumer data and rapidly evolving customer tastes, email personalization can feel like a daunting task. But, don’t fret! There are many easy ways to personalize an email, improving your connection and engaging with your subscriber on a one-to-one basis. Consider the five tactics below to personalize and engage with your audience: […]

CRM & Marketing Automation are the tools necessary for email marketing.

Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach and convert your target market. According to this study we saw on SocialMediaToday, every $1 spent on email marketing generates $38 dollars in revenue! That being said, the same study revealed that personalized emails improve click-through rate by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%, […]

Social media updates rolling out all the time. Here are some highlights to note.

Social media is a living organism. Things change all the time. They change in response to developers’ ideas, user requests, scandals, politics and the rise of social awareness. People behind social media networks never sleep. They test new features, algorithms, ads and designs. They are doing their best to keep you attached to your phone, […]

Paytm has launched bulk payments facilities for its merchant partners.

Paytm Payment Gateway, which is owned by One97 Communications, has launched bulk payments facilities for its merchant partners, using which they can send payments to multiple bank accounts at one go thereby catering to payment requirements for vendors, employees, suppliers, partners and others. This is part of Paytm’s plans to expand its scope of operations for partner […]

To protect consumers who shop online, the government is seeking feedback on draft guidelines.

The government is seeking feedback on draft guidelines that seek to protect consumers who shop online. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs introduced the draft ecommerceguidelines for consumer protectionin a notification on Friday. The proposed rules are aimed at curbing the sale of counterfeit goods, streamlining returns and refunds, and delineating the liabilities of sellers and online marketplaces. The […]

Brands need to be more proactive in tapping into the potential of social commerce.

In the west, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used for, well, social interactions while e-tail platforms are used for shopping. It’s still a different mental-mode where one has to switch from social to commerce. In the east, however, the convergence is more evident where the same app, like WeChat for instance, is used for social interaction and for […]

New-age internet companies are seeing more women in frontline roles.

New-age internet companies are seeing more women in frontline roles and it’s easy to see why — lower attrition rates, better ratings for delivery women and improved productivity at warehouses. That’s led to greater demand for women at delivery hubs and fulfillment centres. The trend is reflected in the latest Employment Outlook report by staffing […]

Branding benefits that accompany an effective search marketing strategy.

Some companies still hesitate to invest in search engine marketing under the impression that paid ads don’t have an impact on purchasing behavior. After all, why pay for traffic when you can earn it with a well-executed SEO strategy, the thinking goes. This view, however, is short-sighted. The value of SEM goes beyond establishing and […]

Why CMOs should care about digital policies?

Agency life is hard. Everything is due tomorrow – or yesterday. Clients demand stellar results. Your competition is trying to underbid you. Your creative team wants tacos. Meanwhile, you’re juggling: 1. Marketing your agency to bring in new business 2. Keeping current clients happy to gain their loyalty There are ways you can accomplish both […]

From “We need to sell to you” to “What customer problem are we trying to solve?”

Marketing has historically focused on what the company needs—like better sales numbers or add-on sales. While sales are important and necessary, your customers don’t care. And if they sense at all that your messaging isn’t genuine and authentic, they’ll find someone else to buy from. Many companies are turning to agile marketing because decisions on […]