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Congress forgot that while heritage can be an asset, it does not come into play automatically.

Each one of us will certainly have come across at least some brands that have leveraged this and similar statements. From large MNCs to small eateries, they have all tried to build on their heritage and project continuing trust, even as they continued building and retaining consumers. Some succeeded wonderfully, while many did not even […]

Work that cuts through the clutter from a consumer perspective: Campaign-able Ideas.

This column will feature ads that caught the reviewer’s attention for the right reasons, released or live during the week gone by. The hunt is for real work that cuts through the clutter from a consumer perspective, work that breaks new ground, work that elevates communication in the category, with an admitted bias towards campaign-able […]

Youngsters are seeing the ill effects of using social media – addictive and productivity killers

A small but growing number of youngsters are deleting their social media accounts and shying away from installing these apps on their smartphones, even as India emerges as the largest open internet market in the world. Indians downloaded about 4.8 billion applications in the first quarter of 2019, more than any other country in the world, according […]

India is set to see a boom in digital OOH in the next couple of years

A few days ago, US based social media celebrity and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner’s company, Kylie Skin commissioned out-of-home (OOH) ad platform Adomni to launch what the latter claims is the largest-ever programmatic OOH campaign. The targetted displays which included over 5,800 digital video, was aired across 1,000 US cities. Following promotion on social media, the new […]

Nine new original programmes will be available for free this year to attract subscribers with content exclusively behind a paywall.

Alphabet Inc‘s YouTube unveiled nine new original programmes that will be available for free this year as the streaming service shrinks an effort to attract subscribers with content exclusively behind a paywall. The unveiling at a YouTube event for advertisers and media in New York offered the first glimpse at how the shift announced in […]

Locals with a hold on regional language will now write for Wikipedia.

Hundreds of people from across the country are generating online content in local Indian languages and are even competing in ‘editathons’ that pit contributors of different languages against each other. While online encyclopedia Wikipedia’s content might be exhaustive in English, its content in Indian languages is limited. Keeping this in mind, Wikipedia’s parent organisation Wikimedia roped […]

‘1 Second Strategy’ for creative and media industry

In the old days some people would flip telly channels during commercial breaks. Today smartphone users just skip or block online ads entirely. It’s becoming increasingly harder to capture viewers’ attention online given the overwhelming volume of information and content. Says Moneka Khurana, country manager, Mobile Marketing Association India, “Ever since video became the preferred mode of marketing […]

Influencers: New trend of advertisement on social media

Advertising spending on social media influencers in India by brands is rising — driven by increasing popularity of content creators and proliferation of new platforms like TikTok and ShareChat — and could as much as double this year, advertisers and marketers said. Some even expect TikTok, owned by China’s ByteDance, to overtake Instagram in terms of ad spends on influencers by next year. “Influencer spends could go […]

Amazon to pitch OTT ads to advertisers to to help marketers reach rich consumers.

The rise in premium, ad-free video services like Netflix and HBO has some marketers worried that they won’t be able to find enough high-income consumers. Amazon says that its audience bucks that trend. Amazon is building an OTT advertising business to rival Roku, Hulu, and other ad-supported services through Amazon Fire, its streaming video hardware. Amazon sells ads in publishers’ OTT […]

#JCBKiKhudai played well by Dinneout

Social media is an interesting place, it takes minutes to trend a meme or a hashtag. The recent hashtag that has taken over the internet is #JCBKiKhudai. While some are still wondering why this hashtag started trending, Dineout has stated the real reason behind the trending of this unique hashtag. Dineout shared a post around #JCBKiKhudai […]