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TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. doubles down on product strategy it created for the unit.

TCS’ artificial intelligence platform Ignio has crossed $60 million in annual revenue and India’s largest IT services company is doubling down on the product strategy it has created for the unit, the company’s top executives said. Five years ago, Ignio began as a platform that was closely integrated and sold with the company’s services offerings but two years ago, TCS began […]

Are PPC Managers Being Replaced by AI and Digital Paid Media?

Gone are the days when a PPC Manager could only focus on Google or Bing search ads. Today, the complex and crowded paid media landscape has made life much more difficult. You’ve got to research, set up, manage and optimize multiple search engine, display and paid social channels. Your time is an increasingly valuable commodity. […]

Indian IT industry has significantly increased local hiring in key markets.

India’s top software services companies – TCS, Infosys, HCL Tech, Wipro and Tech Mahindra – have together hired 57% more employees in the first quarter of the ongoing fiscal year compared to the year-ago period, in likely green shoots for IT sector employment. The top five have hired more than 27,300 employees, from a net addition […]

‘Crafting the perfect message starts with knowing your customers’ can help you build customer engagement?

How do you build customer engagement? You put a ring on it! (OK, not that kind of engagement.) Instead — just like with any healthy relationship — you show customers you like them and build a relationship with them over time. Customer engagement is all of the communication between a brand and its customers, and […]

How are you improving your click-through rate for email marketing?

Marketers aren’t just challenged with getting customers to open and read their emails. They need customers to take action with their brand. That’s why understanding click-through rates are vital to knowing how well you are engaging your customers. Click-through rates can be abysmally low, but don’t be discouraged. There are several reasons why a reader […]

Combination training method, involving online learning and games.

The combination training method, involving online learning and games, is gaining momentum and is expected to grow by up to 38 per cent in the next 2-4 years with corporates trying to enhance skills of their workforce, according to industry experts. “Learning in the context of work, though essential, isn’t always enjoyable and engaging, therefore, new models of […]

“Challenge is to create quality content” Ben Gomes

India has more people looking for content online than the amount of content available, said Ben Gomes, the head of Google‘s Search and Assistant. Gomes said the internet major is helping to create an ecosystem to build the type of content people from across the country are searching for. “One of the challenges in India is that […]