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Brands have begun to leverage audio technology to reach out to their audience.

By next year, 75% of internet users in India would be a vernacular content user base, says the recently released Mobile Marketing Ecosystem Report 2020 by the Mobile Marketing Association and GroupM. The study notes recent developments like the late-2019 launch of Amazon’s multilingual mode in Alexa for users to access the voice assistant in Hindi, as one case in […]

It’s a good time to be in the technology space in 2020.

It’s a good time to be in the technology space going into 2020, with many of the fastest-growing careers expected to emerge from the field. According to The LinkedIn Emerging Jobs 2020 Report for India, which compounds its findings based on all LinkedIn members with public profiles that have held full-time positions in India for […]

Unilever will not advertise in or sponsor films where the intended audience is primarily children.

Leading consumer goods giant Unilever, has come up with new principles on marketing and advertising its foods and beverages to children. The company will not direct any marketing communications to children aged under 12 not direct any marketing or point of sale communications to children under 6 years of age. The multinational company will stop marketing, advertising its foods and beverages and the […]

Renaming a brand can change the game.

What do Google, Best Buy, Nike, Netflix, Accenture, and Apple Inc. have in common? The answer: All these companies had a different name when they were founded. Google’s earliest name was BackRub. Sound of Music became Best Buy. Blue Ribbon Sports was rechristened as Nike. Accenture was called Arthur Andersen. Apple Inc. was Apple Computers. It is, in […]

Consumers are expected to prioritise spending on experience in 2020.

Research firm Kantar recently released the top 10 key trends that will impact the consumer behavior in India in 2020. The trends cover a range of categories including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), durables, home buying, transportation, loans, infrastructure, online engagements, entertainment, and imported goods among others. While the trends differ across different categories, the over-riding sentiment […]

2020 brings similar challenges for brands as picking the right education path does for students

We are through the second month(almost), and a lot of us have bid goodbye to our resolutions. While we still look forward to 2020 being better than it has been and a completely new decade, I can’t help but think about the phone call I had with my niece who is 16. Seeking career guidance […]

Ad industry needs a mix of top business-school skills for strategic insights and creative abilities

It was the year 1965, when Mumbai was called Bombay and advertising was becoming a sough-after profession. 29-year-old Kersy Katrak returned from London with the idea of setting up an ad agency. During his time aboard, Katrak read liberally about the Western ad businesses, and when he returned home he wanted his agency to be styled like […]

Swiggy is collaborating with select top-rated restaurants.

Food delivery platform Swiggy is collaborating with select top-rated restaurants including Berco’s Restaurant, Impresario Group, Bar Stock Exchange and Gilly’s among others to co-create exclusive delivery-only brands on its platform, a top executive told ET. As a part of the agreement, Swiggy promises restaurants that it will share data on supply gaps in the area, closely work […]

Uber India is set to become yet another marketplace for media buying and selling.

Bengaluru: Uber India aims to start its own advertising and branding wing, so that it can better monetise users and show them ads. Uber’s move parallels that of e-tailers Amazon and Flipkart, which have started monetising their web traffic through digital advertising. To start its own advertising line, Uber India’s board met on January 29 in Noida and passed a […]