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Internet companies are increasingly using soft-skill providers to train their workforce.

New-age internet companies across the ecommerce, food-tech and fintech sectors are increasingly using soft-skill providers to train their workforce. These human resource development programmes have traditionally been used by the manufacturing and automobile industries for their staff. Mumbai-based SchoolGuru Eduserve and TeamLease Services said overall growth in this vertical has been nearly 30% over the past six […]

Content creators have criticised new Terms of Service from Google-owned YouTube

Content creators have criticised new Terms of Service from Google-owned YouTube that gives the company power to terminate account access for users if it deems the account is “no longer commercially viable”. The video sharing platform started sending out the emails to users last week to notify about the upcoming changes to its terms of service to come into effect from […]

Alibaba group has fast emerged an e-commerce giant

Shoppers’ data with e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Amazon and Flipkart are fast proving to be the key to reducing inventories in the supply chain. Hangzhou-headquartered Alibaba sees the new age production getting integrated with front-end data held by retailers. Underscoring the huge significance of consumer data, Chen Xiao Ping, CEO of Intime Retail Group – an Alibaba unit which is […]

Netflix India reported revenues of Rs. 466.7 crore for FY19

The Indian unit of Netflix Inc, the world’s largest online video streaming company, grew more than 700% during 2018-19, helped by expanding local content and marketing blitzkrieg that helped bring subscribers. Netflix India reported revenues of Rs. 466.7 crore for FY19 with a net profit of Rs. 5.1 crore, according to its filing with the registrar of companies sourced from Veratech […]

Digital tax on MNC.

India has sought changes in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) proposal on digital taxation, saying it would deny the country its proper share of taxes from multinationals such as Google, Facebook, Uber and Netflix, which generate substantial revenues locally. The government has proposed a more balanced principle for the taxation of such companies based on place of […]

McDonald’s has revolutionised the way fast food is consumed across the world.

McDonald’s has revolutionised the way fast food is consumed across the world. With 304 restaurants across 42 cities in West & South India and more than 10,000 employees, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd (HRPL) manages McDonald’s restaurants and business functions in West & South India. With an aim to open 100 to 200 new restaurants by 2022, Akshay Jatia, Director- […]

Experiential marketing and social media can create an impactful communication strategy for brands.

In the wide universe of marketing, experiential marketing and social media have become a crucial force in driving any successful campaign. While experiential marketing is about creating experiences, social media, is about sharing them, and only a smart marketer can create a larger picture with the perfect blend of these two weapons. This magic combination can create an impactful long […]

Mobile is taking ads closer to consumers.

Mobiles have become a driver of the digital advertising helping marketers reach their intended audience on mobile. Digital advertising today is more sophisticated, personalised, and relevant. Consumers spend more time online than ever before, making digital an advertising platform with reach across various devices, and consumers. Companies are not just limited to traditional targetting by demographics but […]

Festival season spending is becoming a largely cashless affair.

Digital payments are preferred by 42 per cent of consumers in India, leading card payments (29 per cent ) and cash (27 per cent ), according to a new online study conducted by YouGov and ACI Worldwide, a global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions. The study found that younger consumers preferred digital payments (42 per […]

Foodtech startups have revolutionised the way Indians consume food.

Foodtech startups have revolutionised the way Indians consume food. Customers can order whatever they want to eat, whenever they crave food, and from any place of their choice. With a valuation of $3.3 billion, 1.4 lakh restaurants covered, active 2 lakh+ delivery personnel and a presence in 500 cities, Swiggy is one of the largest homegrown startups in […]