CamScanner coming up with PPT shooting mode.

Document management solution CamScanner, has announced the launch of several new features. These features are aimed at providing users an advanced experience through high quality scans of their documents, the company said on Wednesday.

Some of these are:

From image to spreadsheet– Users can take photo of a paper and instantly convert it to a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be supported for

From book to e-book– Users can easily click and scan a book. Upon taking the image, the left and right pages will be split automatically, to provide the experience of an e-book. The bent text will also be corrected for clarity.

Scan the PowerPoint presentations– The PPT shooting mode allows scanning the presentations with extreme clarity. The edges are chiseled automatically without manual focus.

Print certificates– Users can scan their certificates and attain the print ready view, creasing out the bent text etc.

Search and translate– The new smart optical character recognition (OCR) allow users to search any text from their scanned documents and translate it into more than 60 languages.

“As India embarks on a steep digital curve, CamScanner ensures that people have a simple, seamless mobile scanner solution which instantly digitises their documents, sync across multiple devices, and collaborate by sharing with others on popular communication platforms. I am certain that the new features will expedite the digital journey of our Indian subscribers,” Miller, marketing director, CamScanner, said.

The features will be immediately available for VIP Account users. The VIP Account holders can also sync documents to free 10 GB cloud space and access their high-quality scans in real time. Several new additions to the safety and security layers ensure that users have full control over their documents, all the time, the company said.

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