‘Bhonga’ has teamed up with ex-servicemen to take care of emergencies on its platform.

Bhonga, a hyper-local connectivity app which connects users within a kilometer of radius; has announced that it has teamed up with ex-servicemen to take care of emergencies on its platform.

According to the company, the user can use the app to reach out to everyone around for posting messages which may be an emergency, an offer, a query or even an opinion or information which he believes may be of help to people around him. The app only shares location coordinates for security and anonymity reasons and supports photos and audio.

“Reliability, discipline, commitment to work and the eagerness to take responsibility are the traits that make defense personnel perfectly on top of the form for administering the emergencies on the platform. Thus, we decided to have ex-servicemen scrutinise all the emergencies shared on the app”, Radhika Agarwal, director, Linkus Infratech, said. 

The team will be led by ex-military Captain Mahendra Gopal Ghag who has served the Indian Army for 32 years. Captain Ghag will now guide the citizens facing various kinds of emergencies.

“Every year 60,000 soldiers retire with little option but to take up miscellaneous security jobs. I feel that Bhonga can not only leverage the experience of retired armed forces personnel but also offer valuable help to the locality and at the same time offer a great opportunity to army men to live a meaningful life by serving the nation”, Captain Ghag said.

Linkus Infratech plans to partner with the Army Welfare Placement Organization (AWPO), which comes under the Ministry of Defence, to enable and empower army veterans and encourage them to come and help the civilians.

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