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Consumers are expected to prioritise spending on experience in 2020.

Research firm Kantar recently released the top 10 key trends that will impact the consumer behavior in India in 2020. The trends cover a range of categories including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), durables, home buying, transportation, loans, infrastructure, online engagements, entertainment, and imported goods among others. While the trends differ across different categories, the over-riding sentiment […]

2020 brings similar challenges for brands as picking the right education path does for students

We are through the second month(almost), and a lot of us have bid goodbye to our resolutions. While we still look forward to 2020 being better than it has been and a completely new decade, I can’t help but think about the phone call I had with my niece who is 16. Seeking career guidance […]

Ad industry needs a mix of top business-school skills for strategic insights and creative abilities

It was the year 1965, when Mumbai was called Bombay and advertising was becoming a sough-after profession. 29-year-old Kersy Katrak returned from London with the idea of setting up an ad agency. During his time aboard, Katrak read liberally about the Western ad businesses, and when he returned home he wanted his agency to be styled like […]

Swiggy is collaborating with select top-rated restaurants.

Food delivery platform Swiggy is collaborating with select top-rated restaurants including Berco’s Restaurant, Impresario Group, Bar Stock Exchange and Gilly’s among others to co-create exclusive delivery-only brands on its platform, a top executive told ET. As a part of the agreement, Swiggy promises restaurants that it will share data on supply gaps in the area, closely work […]

Uber India is set to become yet another marketplace for media buying and selling.

Bengaluru: Uber India aims to start its own advertising and branding wing, so that it can better monetise users and show them ads. Uber’s move parallels that of e-tailers Amazon and Flipkart, which have started monetising their web traffic through digital advertising. To start its own advertising line, Uber India’s board met on January 29 in Noida and passed a […]

Marketers must think of innovative and creative solutions to rise above this challenge.

Appealing to the broadest spectrum of consumers with hyper-localization What makes the Indian market special is its heritage of diversity. With over 20 different languages spoken in the country, there are varied groups of consumer perspectives to cater to. From a consumer who watches only paid OTT content with no advertisements to a consumer who has no […]

The role of marketing is more powerful than ever before.

The ‘MBA style marketing organization’ – mechanical, reductionist, return minded and focused on the short term – is a bureaucratic, staff-driven cost centre. It has caused massive waste, missed opportunities and failure for many businesses. Marketing as it was originally intended, in its inspired, grand and beneficial form, is more important today than ever before. The world is awash […]

Know what is new on twitter.

Twitter is launching the Promoted Trend Spotlight, a takeover ad displayed at the top of the Explore tab. The Explore tab houses Twitter’s trending topics, which makes it one of the most frequently visited sections outside of Twitter’s main feed. Twitter users may recall seeing a Promoted Trend Spotlight when Disney+ launched, as the ad unit was […]

Know how brands can utilize TikTok for marketing?

In November 2019, data from app analytics provider Sensor Tower showed that short-form video app TikTok had surpassed 1.5 billion downloads. According to the data, TikTok was the third most-downloaded app of the year, beating out both Facebook and Instagram (in fourth and fifth places, respectively). Typically, the significant rise of a new social media app opens […]

Starbucks is expanding a program that tries to help low-income communities by opening coffee shops and hiring local workers.

DETROIT – Starbucks is expanding a program that tries to help low-income communities by opening coffee shops and hiring local workers. The Seattle-based company plans to open or remodel 85 stores by 2025 in rural and urban communities across the U.S. That will bring to 100 the total number of community stores Starbucks has opened since it announced the […]