A powerful brand story can draw customer’s attention.

Have you ever wondered why we are so attracted to stories? What is it about stories that make them such an inherent part of human interactions? How are they so subliminally integrated in our exchanges that they end up connecting us to profound issues and shaping our perspective of the world around without us even realizing it?

As a marketer, I believe that stories are easy to consume but storytelling is a difficult art to master. While storytelling is a part of almost every communication endeavour of a brand marketer, delivering a persuasive narrative that establishes sustained emotional connection with the consumer is a job far from easy. This is made more challenging in an overly automated and digitally driven era, where attention spans are becoming shorter on the back of instant gratification and people are losing touch with real connections gradually.

For businesses however, to win the curiosity, preference and ultimately loyalty of customers in an environment like this, it is important that brands harness the power of storytelling. A powerful brand story is one that is compelling enough to help the customer dawn upon a realization he/she may not have had previously. Marketers can deliver this realization by identifying customers’ deepest-set insights and finding what differentiated values and reason can be offered to audiences in a cluttered marketplace. For new age marketers, effective brand storytelling is the answer, no matter the question

A clearly communicated story is the cornerstone of effective marketing
In order to establish emotional connection with the consumer, brands must invest in telling a well-crafted story; perhaps combine the myriad phases and emotions of life to create a wholesome experience. As an example; for our recently launched brand campaign #YouAreTheDifference, our story focus centers around going beyond merely generating curiosity to bring in the concept of discovering one’s real value. We rested the storytelling on a range of slice-of-life, albeit insightful, everyday situations that the end consumer could identify with. Our aim was to introduce our audiences to the real value they make in the lives of their loved ones by walking them through their own life moments that help them realize their real value.

Thoughtful, personalized experiences improve customer faith and overall brand profitability
The new universe of marketing is dynamic, contextualized and personalized. Instead of bombarding the audience with facts, statistical data, and testimonials, if brands focused on weaving personalized, relatable experiences into emotional and heartfelt stories, they’d be far more effective in generating long-term brand loyalty. An emotional brand story that personalizes communication to drive resonance, often reflects a commitment towards customer obsession. Emotional brand storytelling has the ability to breathe life into one’s marketing strategy, simplify information and make the brand thoughtful, memorable, and real for the customer. As new age marketers, it is imperative to create a thread of human connections through our marketing in the lives of our audiences.

Brand storytelling has competitive edge
Lastly, effective brand storytelling helps earn an edge in a competitive space by driving meaningful engagement with customers beyond just selling products. A brand that decides to relay a solid message about what it values is always preferred over brands that address customer stories from a considerable distance. For instance, our campaign too is a reflection of our deep understanding of our customers. Celebrating the breadwinner instead of burdening them, the campaign #YouAreTheDifference is a breath of fresh air that reassures the viewer of their real value in the lives of their loved ones and reinforces the belief that ‘We are here for you and we care’.
Between rapidly evolving marketing trends, blurring lines between traditional and new age carriers and technology altering the way we interact, the key to profitable marketing is placing brand experiences at the centre stage of all initiatives. Our campaign #YouAreTheDifference enables the messaging to run strong among diverse sets of target audience by striking the right balance between creativity and strategy. In the backdrop of a burgeoning digital reality, it is likely that marketers would experience a shift in control dynamics when it comes to storytelling, but to navigate newer avenues seamlessly, most will be quick to recognize and embrace storytelling as a rewarding tool of brand communication.

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