A meme is an innovative medium to reach mass.


Influencer marketing company Buzzoka has forayed into meme marketing as part of its continued to efforts in establishing newer ways to reach the last mile audience.

A product of the social media age, a meme is an innovative medium to reach the digitally and socially savvy audience and is becoming popular with millennials which constitute a major chunk of the digital landscape. Memes are snackable, crisp, and help to ride on topical content that is becoming a challenge for brands across the globe.

Buzzoka in the past has been instrumental in establishing Tik Tok and Quora as key platforms to be used by marketers for influencer marketing and have seen success on both the platforms. Buzzoka’s campaign for SBI YONO integrated over 100’s of TikTokers to create content for the brand. Buzzoka claims that it has been exploring Tik Tok from the time it was Musical.ly.

Ashutosh Harbola, chief executive officer, Buzzoka said ” Memes have been all around the web and we are seeing higher engagement metrics and screen time with users. Sadly, no specialized player is helping brands to use the power of memes to the fullest. Memes have a definite potential to become a major phenomenon and we as a company are committed to taking the first foot forward.” Harbola Adds “Anything that is engaging in this complex digital world is worth selling and we are assured that Buzzoka will gain desired results.”

Buzzoka, which came into existence in July 2017, works with leading brands and conglomerates. Interestingly, Buzzoka has been a disruption in the Influencer Marketing space with the creative thought processes and unparalleled ROI metrics. The unique combination of celebrities, influencers, and viewers/users is a huge advantage that Buzzoka has over other agencies and platforms in the influencer gambit. Started as a Creative/Strategy 1st company in the influencer-marketing ecosystem, Buzzoka has partnered with over 150 brands in its 2-year journey and has delivered over 379 campaigns. Interestingly, Buzzoka has been a pioneer in Tik Tok lead influencer campaigns and successfully worked with brands like SBI, HDFC Life, etc on the same.

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