BRATS is personalized community for top notch professionals of the Engineering, Advertising & Marketing Industries, it stands for Brand, Research, Advertising, Technology, and Strategies. It is already creating a buzz across board.

At BRATS brand CMO, CEO’s, CXO, the senior most profiles of BRANDS who are driving brand marketing strategies and innovations and are the industry drivers come together.

BRATS shall operate under two programs BRATS Communities and The BRATS Meet.

COMMUNITIES : These Communities will be  “no inhibitions meet” wherein the CMO’s, CEOs, CXO, Marketing Directors, Head of Marketing,  etc of reputed organizations will meet every month to bring in their revolutionary ideas on table and share with their counterparts across the industries Or for that matter share the everyday mundane things that may worry them.

THE BRATS MEET : We aim at bridging the gap between the hypothetical and real  via this segment,  BRATS meet will bring the most influential in the segment to give a talk to students from various institutions and interacting with them on several marketing strategies and also giving opportunities over brief introduction on their upcoming marketing plans thus Corporate Legends will  help polish the future workforce by interactions at various levels.

BRATS shall help the students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the fields of advertising and marketing, shall help to bring the industry mavericks and students under a single roof with the purpose of educating and enlightening the upcoming breed of Junior BRATS. We are looking at facilitating an opportunity to work on real-world marketing problems and have their solutions implemented by the untapped talent pool of our country.

Takeaways for BRATS professionals shall be that BRATS will position them as Mentors in Education Industry,  it will grant personal satisfaction and attract great reviews, Video Interviews of Management shall be featured on BRATS website.


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